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Bopper allows you to instantly find and license music by top indie artists and bands in minutes, and never have to worry about haggling over rights again. Created specifically for ad agencies by veterans from the audio production and advertising industries, Bopper removes all obstacles associated with licensing recording artists, ...

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Leila Grossman
(646) 921-0438

Bopper Celebrates Pride Month by Empowering LGBTQ+ Artists' Voices

In honor of Pride Month and in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, the premier indie music licensing platform Bopper will be spotlighting LGBTQ+ artists on its website and newsletter each week during the month of June. The first LGBTQ+ artist featured in this initiative, singer, songwriter and spoken word artist Elina Filice, defies genre and touches hearts with soulful lyrics and expressive melodies. 

For Filice, “Music is a powerful tool for the queer community as it is a space for authentic storytelling of the experiences and struggles that are unique to us,” said Filice. “For queer artists like myself, music creates a space to tell stories of resilience, pride, and authenticity, but also to share stories of love, loss, and heartbreak.”

Filice is one of the many artists Bopper has selected to showcase on its platform of pre-cleared tracks, sync-ready and easily accessible by advertisers, brand managers and marketers looking for just the right song. Along with Bopper’s core goal of ensuring artists are justly compensated for their work, the company strongly supports LGBTQ+ causes with this mission statement: “We celebrate the sacrifice, the fight for justice, the fight for acceptance, the fight for equal rights to be seen, valued and heard by the powers that be. We stand with you.”

“There was a time when LGBTQ+ artists were not able to live out loud and be true to themselves when promoting their music,” says Jessica Entner, Head of Brand and Strategy at Bopper. “A lot of artists hid their sexuality or gender identity for decades in order to get recognized for their music in the mainstream. At Bopper, our mission has always been to amplify these valuable voices and present them to brands and advertisers so they can make a more socially conscious effort to include these creators, artists, and musicians as part of their story.”

On top of the collection of artists, Bopper is excited to announce the donation of 1% of all June sales to the Trevor Project in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (May) and Pride Month (June). “The opportunity to help promote these voices while also helping to raise funds for the Trevor Project helps Bopper be involved in the change we want to see in the world,” Entner adds.

Along with Elina Filice, Bopper will promote several other outspoken LGBTQ+ artists in June, helping to spotlight their music to the Bopper network of brand managers, advertisers, and marketing corporations. As a bridge between independent artists and advertisers, Bopper is in the unique position of giving just compensation to trend-setting artists who typically get thrust aside by music industry representation. 

“Bopper has been incredibly supportive,” Filice said, “Not only do they value and promote my music, but they understand what I’m trying to achieve, and recognize the importance of representation in music. Sync is important as it offers a viable revenue stream which allows me and other independent artists to keep making music and furthering our careers.”

About Bopper: 

Bopper is the only platform for music discovery and pre-authorized licensing specifically designed to make creative work easier for advertising agencies and brand managers. The company's mission is to give content producers access to quality professional artists, while ensuring that they receive fair compensation for the use of their works.