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Bopper allows you to instantly find and license music by top indie artists and bands in minutes, and never have to worry about haggling over rights again. Created specifically for ad agencies by veterans from the audio production and advertising industries, Bopper removes all obstacles associated with licensing recording artists, ...

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Leila Grossman
(646) 921-0438

Bopper Offers First Artist Exclusive Release

Music licensing platform Bopper is announcing its first exclusive release by one of the numerous independent artists it champions. Artist, DJ, and producer Ben Maxwell will offer a new 10-track album 'Broken Love' exclusively on Bopper before its official release in April 2021. 

“Artists are increasingly looking to partners who will promote and value their work appropriately,” explains Bopper CEO Gabriel Bouchard. “And we are always striving to help socially responsible brands and their agencies find high-quality independent music that fits their creatives’ briefs while helping independent artists increase their revenues especially now that live performances, their main source of earnings, are not possible . The partnership with Ben came together very organically.”  

Though making and producing music may be more accessible in our high tech world, making a living off of them can still be quite difficult. Talented producers like Ben Maxwell are looking for ways to make more than fractions of pennies per stream off their songs, and Bopper is looking for trendy new music to license to advertisers.  

Maxwell has made a name for himself as an electronic music producer, boasting nearly 25 million streams of his songs and remixes across SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.  From February to April 2021, his newest original music will only be heard on Bopper’s pre-cleared music platform, a catalogue designed for advertising and marketing agencies to quickly and easily license music for digital and TV ads. 

Sync has become an important source of both inspiration and income for Maxwell, and Bopper was an ideal platform to try out a new release strategy. “I don't think anyone else is doing this,” said Maxwell about placing his music exclusively with Bopper. “You won't find my new album on any of these other sync databases. The reason for that is, other databases are just not as artist friendly. Most of the others are huge databases with subscription programs leaving very little money for the artists, but it’s a much more fair process at Bopper, and I want to be part of this family.”  

A truly independent artist, Maxwell taught himself the music production ropes. Maxwell has been producing and DJ-ing since his early teen days, honing his talent with multiple instruments. He boasts a notable following of EDM and House music fans, remixing artists like Brittney Spears, Chainsmokers, RYDER, and Diplo, as well as a host of original tracks. Over the last 2 years, he has been working on producing the new album, and it has become, according to Maxwell, “the best representation of my work I have ever done, and really tells the story of who I am as an artist.”

Bopper’s head of music Greg Lozoff has kept tabs on Maxwell since 2018 when he first heard his single, “Right Now.” Lozoff recognized Maxwell’s talent right away and reached out to offer guidance and later friendship as well. 

“We’re always on the hunt for new, exciting artists to work with. As the Head of Music, I make sure to set aside a good chunk of time every week to just listen to new music from a variety of different sources. I happened to stumble on one of Ben’s first singles on Soundcloud and I reached out right away to start the conversation about working together. When COVID hit, Ben let me know that he had been working on a new album, and that’s when the idea hit me to offer it as an exclusive to our clients, before it officially drops. Ben loved the idea and the rest is history.”

The album can be heard on the Bopper website

About Bopper: 
Founded in 2013, Bopper is the only platform for music discovery and pre-authorized licensing specifically designed to make creative work easier for advertising agencies and brand managers. The company's mission is to give content producers access to quality professional artists, while ensuring that they receive fair compensation for the use of their works