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Bopper allows you to instantly find and license music by top indie artists and bands in minutes, and never have to worry about haggling over rights again. Created specifically for ad agencies by veterans from the audio production and advertising industries, Bopper removes all obstacles associated with licensing recording artists, ...

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Leila Grossman
(646) 921-0438

Bopper Crashes Through the Sync Licensing Speed Barrier

New intuitive, A.I.-infused platform helps advertisers find, license, and download high-quality songs in mere minutes instead of weeks

The on-demand music licensing service, Bopper, has been opening the eyes of investors and marketing strategists to the emerging world of high-speed music licensing. With a rotating library of over 8,000 sync-friendly indie tracks of all genres from 600 top artists, copyright holders, and labels on a highly intuitive, advertising focused search engine, Bopper allows for advertisers to not only find but also license the perfect song for an ad — in just minutes. 

Having spent decades in the advertising industry, working with every multinational company in every industry in the world (Google, Toyota, Apple, BP, Wal-Mart, CVS), co-founder and VP of Product and Partnerships at Bopper Phil Messier knows that one of the more difficult  time consuming challenges of syncing music is securing the license agreement. During the online ad and content boom of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Messier saw the media landscape moving away from “all custom, all the time” and knew that there must be a more convenient way to source music for advertising. 

The idea for Bopper was formed. The company launched in 2013, their value proposition simple but transformative — to become the first and best platform that allows brand content producers to find and license the best indie music in minutes. 

Knowing that the right piece of music can make a somewhat good ad into a great ad and that advertisers will pay top dollar for a high-quality, sync-friendly sound, the team at Bopper set about creating a host of new tech that could search easily, price instantly, and license preemptively. The technology is astounding given that the discovery and contract phases of music licensing have traditionally taken days or even weeks of searching music databases and navigating back-and-forth legal hoopla. Instead, Bopper offers a way to identify and lock down high quality tracks in minutes. 

Having joined Bopper in 2018 after meeting Messier in Montreal via the La Piscine Deep Dive Accelerator Program, CEO Gabriel Bouchard is also keenly aware of the boon that this technology is for advertising producers in the digital, streaming, radio, and television space.

“Bopper is leveraging both innovative technology and a deep knowledge of the needs of the brand content creators to shorten the process of finding and licensing quality music for the marketing world,” said Gabriel Bouchard, CEO of Bopper. “I’m not talking about stock music catalogs or creative commons sound bites. I am talking about the instant and safe licensing of hot emerging songs at broadcast quality without needing to draft a contract or even talk to the copyright holder.”  

Though immediate and quality music licensing is hardly a new concept, the pain-free, on-demand license promise directed at ad creators has not existed before Bopper. Competitors boast of royalty-free music libraries that are simple and easy to use, but the reality is that many of the best tracks on other platforms require custom quotes or even a phone call. On top of that, the quality of a stock library just does not cut it for the creatives that drive regional, national, and international advertising campaigns. 

Rather, Bopper provides a beautifully crafted music discovery experience with an A.I.-infused search engine that leverages industry preferences and jargon to speed up the finding of the right track. On top of the modern technology, one of Bopper’s signature features to streamline the process even more  is 100% pre-cleared music — every single track has been licensed from the artist ahead of time, and is downloadable upon purchase. The music library is kept fresh and up to date, with new ad-friendly tracks being culled and added to the library on a weekly basis by a team of highly experienced music curators, who scour SoundCloud, BandCamp, music blogs, and direct submissions daily.

“What differentiates Bopper from the rest of the licensing choices out there is our hyper focus on the advertising industry,” said Phil Messier, co-founder and VP of Product and Partnerships. “We contract songs that we know will fill an advertising purpose, and often it isn’t an artist’s single. We know what kinds of songs brand producers are looking for, and we are bringing the high quality, pre-cleared tracks at the touch of a button.”

Because Bopper’s cutting-edge tech (like algorithm-based pricing models, a hybrid interface, and license builder software) and ad industry know-how draws in brand content producers of every size and budget that allows for each tracks to be priced individually based on the terms and artist’s popularity, they can offer copyright holders and songwriters truly competitive compensation for their work — which in turn grabs the attention of the type of high quality music productions that advertisers want. Their socially responsible approach is fair to artists and to advertisers alike, making its rise and success in the music licensing space virtually inevitable. 

About Bopper: 
Founded in 2013, Bopper is the only platform for music discovery and pre-authorized licensing specifically designed to make creative work easier for advertising agencies and brand managers. The company's mission is to give content producers access to quality professional artists, while ensuring that they receive fair compensation for the use of their works