Press Clipping
Phil Messier - Synch Licensing and Music Libraries with the Founder of Bopper

Phil Messier is the founder of the music synch licensing company, Bopper. The company is based in Montreal, Canada where Phil was born, raised. “Phil holds a bachelor's degree in music from the Université de Montréal, as well as an MBA from the EMBA McGill - HEC. He's a musician, entrepreneur, co-founder of Apollo Group. In 2015, Attraction Media bought the Apollo group, except for the Bopper platform, to which Phil devoted himself entirely from then on.” He has a deep background and understanding in the world of creating ads and working with different ad agencies. Phil is a fellow musician and multi-instrumentalist getting his start with the saxophone. In this conversation, we discuss Bopper and how artists can get involved. We also discuss how artists can get their music licensed for synch, music libraries, common themes for synch licensing and the types of music that’s most synch friendly, email etiquette, the structure of synch deals between artists and agencies, and much more.