Press Clipping
Fast FWD Presents: 1 on 1 with Gabriel Bouchard, CEO of Bopper

Brands need to quickly find and buy a lot of music for their ads. Indie artists want more brands to use their music and get paid fairly. There has been no easy way to connect the two - until now. Bopper makes it easy to quickly find ad-friendly music, price it on the spot, and license it instantly - turning a two week process into a two-minute one. While Bopper was built for brands, they are now offering services for podcasting as well as film and television industries. This service expansion will help to further achieve Bopper's mission to create win-win scenarios for artists, agencies, brands, and creatives so they can work together to help the new music scene thrive and flourish. To discuss the evolution of the company and its trajectory within the music and advertising industry, Fast FWD will be sitting down with Bopper CEO Gabriel Bouchard.